This is where I feel so incredibly RICH and Abundant!
August 30, 2010

I started this journey of DYAO with undeniable Passion for Dance. I have now found NEW Passion for Health Fitness and Nutrition! I am so Happy to see that my journey has the power to touch and Inspire other people to get up, put your mind, body, and spirit in motion so that you can LOVE yourself enough to be "the best version of yourself." I believe "We" all have an Inner Glamorous Star persona hence my term "GlamRockSTARZ.” I feel more alive and awake than ever. I’m in a state of gratitude, and I have proven to myself that it’s never too late to Dream and go after your wildest Dreams no matter what the circumstance...I never ever was able to do 1 pushup and now I can do 25 in a row. I am Dreaming and following my wildest dreams again! I want to be in the Professional Performing Arts and I also dream of being on the Oprah Winfrey show to share my gratitude to her and share what I call my "GlamRockSTAR movement” for Health, Fitness, Dance and I promise to never give up on myself anymore, I will not give up on all of you out there either, my GlamRockSTARZ. I plan on doing a tour across America and continuing my journey of Inspiration thru Dance, Fitness and Love...I want to be your "Angel Dream Team." Together we can Move to our Groove and make a Difference! PAYING IT FORWARD! I pray that I am used as a vessel of great doings and I feel this is my chance to do great uplifting for one of the biggest problems in our Nation, Latin America included, “Health & Weight management”…Both Lisa Ann Walter and Tabitha D’umo called me the “Warrior Dancer” on DYAO and I’m ready to continue being that “GlamRockSTAR Warrior for all of you! I plan on making my way 1 person at a time so that we all can stand tall and proud of living our best life!

I dedicate one of my favorite songs to all my Loved ones and supporters GlamRockSTARZ. "I had the time of my Life" Dirty Dancing Theme song...I truly am having the time of my life and I owe it all to YOU! Please Know I have a website "AdammeGlamRockSTAR”, Also Myspace Adamme Artistry and My YouTube channel AdammeGlamRockSTAR." We can connect at these Internet Network sites to stay Linked! Watch out for my Girl Briana and I...She and I are truly great friends and we plan on doing great things together.

Thank you Mom (Helena Sanchez Lara) for raising me to be a strong yet sensitive person... because of your unconditional love I am a Champion in this journey of life!

"God” in you I find strength and because of you I am able to be all that I am and I will be!
Vai, the incredibly talented Professional Dancer "without her I would not have had the best experience, She got heart Soul and rhythm. I trust and appreciate all that she did for me as a pro-partner and I’m proud to call Vai my lifelong Friend.
Choreographers: Mama T (Tiana) Gorge & Nick...Thank you for your Love and support!
Monica Lopez for being my best friend, always believing in me and for encouraging me to audition for DYAO! She always said I would be on T.V. one day... I sure am glad she was right!
Aaron Hernandez, thank you for opening your home to me always and I appreciate you. Love ya! Seidy, Fito, Alain, Elisabet, cubanos y mis boriquas and all my Las VEGAS Family, Gracias por todo!
Bebo Y Miguel my workout partners back home, Gracias de verdad!
Cast Crew and Production I love you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll never forget this amazing experience we had together. I’m a changed better version of myself because of all of you! I love you and I think you’re GlamTastic! GlamRockSTARZ!
DYAO Glam Squad: Robin head of make-up Loved your team...Lexi and Naomi lots of hugs and kisses for helping me with my make-up, Cindy and Steve for Helping get my hawk up and all my hair...Maggie Berry for all your cool style and helping me make it feel right, Gamila thank you for your love and intuition, Rosa mi Vida gracias for being a strong spirit and correcting not only my costumes but everything around.
Dad…I’m glad we have a Father Son relationship now.
Felix Ricky Sanches ...My powerhouse inspiration... thank you for not giving up and fighting for your are a large reason I kept fighting for my life!
Grandma...You told me everything would be fine and that I will find my way...thank you for your words of support and Love always! God bless you in Heaven!

I dedicate a song to all my GlamRockSTARZ who are GlamTastic- "I had the time of my life" (Dirty Dancing Soundtrack" Look Momma I did it! Against all those who always said I was not ever going to be good enough… If they could see me now! Amen! God is Good! This is the new beginning for me so keep your eyes and ears open...You will be seeing more of me you can count on it...Consider it a PROMISE! LOVE YOU ALL GlamRockSTARZ! Ayyy Que Rico! This experience has been the bomb diggity dot com!

I will be doing many projects...I plan on paying this experience forward for many years to come! You can find me at AdammeArtistry Facebook/AdammeGlamRockSTAR/Adamme Sosa/Adamme Artistry Myspace!

Adamme, your GlamRockSTARZ Representative

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